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World Renowned Police-Accredited Clairvoyant, Medium and Sensitive


FAQ'S-- Telephone Consultations:

 1. Do I need to send/email you photographs of the person(s) I want to know about?

No. Photographs are not necessary. Please do not email or snail mail photos. They will not be returned to you.

2. Can you contact those who have crossed over?

Yes. There is always spirit energy present in readings. Some times you will hear from spirit of friends that have crossed over; that you may not be expecting to hear from, but will be thankful that you did...:) Often the spirit essence of many wait for the opportunity to deliver a message. It isn't always just family. Information and insight is also given by my spirit guides as well.

3. Do I ask you questions?

You will only have to ask me one (1) brief and I emphasize brief question pertaining to information you are seeking from me and at the onset of the reading; this is so I can make an attunement to your voice and to spirit. After that you will only have to confirm information that is given to you. However, I try to leave a few minutes (if there is time remaining) to allow for a last question or two if you think of something else you may want to inquire of.

4. What do you reveal in a reading?

Expect the unexpected in a reading with me...:) I am very blessed and my gifts are vast and can be quite profound. Often times I am asked about health, personal or for others; Let me state I in no way profess to be a diagnostician, physician or anything else. The impressions and information that is given to me I will pass on; however, I will also strongly suggest that conventional medicine, physicians, etc. be sought. You may also be given information that you are not asking for, but, it will be information that spirit deems necessary and more than likely will prove to be very beneficial for you and those to whom the information pertains. 99% of the time messages and insight is given (that you are seeking) without you even having to ask.

5. What do you do exactly? What are your abilities?

The correct terminology/description would be I am clairvoyant, a medium and intuitive counselor. No. I do not need or require any facilitation. My abilities are governed from attuning to spirit vibrations...The clairvoyant ability (also referred to as remote viewing) enables me to see pictures and slow moving type video in my minds eye. Of course the medium ability is to attune to the essence of spirit of those who have crossed over.. I am clairsentient (intuitive counselor) which means in a reading where problems are prevalent in a relationship(s) I am also given the information via spirit which I will pass on to you with the hope that if the insight is followed then a poor or negative situation may be improved...:) I will only make suggestions and often times I may even suggest conventional therapy. I will not tell you what to do, I can only suggest.(See guestbook postings for testimonials given by persons who have had personal readings.)

6. How much time do I need for a reading?

Consultation times vary. If you are having a reading for the first time, then you may want to extend the time--usually the average is thirty minutes. It is entirely up to you. If you are seeking a great deal of information then book your appointment time accordingly...:)

7. Do you also offer consultations in person?

In office appointments are currently not available.

8. How do I make an appointment?

All appointments are scheduled via telephoning the office. No appointments are scheduled via email or leaving messages. The best time to telephone to speak to me directly to schedule an appt. (my reception hours; or simply leave a message) is Monday - Thursday from Noon to 2:00 PM EST. 860-822-6034...

9. Do you tape record telephone consultations?

No. If you wish to tape record telephone consultations use a device that does not 'beep' or alert in second or other intervals--as any 'noise' is a major distraction and interference with my attunement. Inform me that you are recording the session.

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