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"World Renowned Police-Accredited Clairvoyant, Medium and Sensitive "  


Pebbles On The Path
Incredibly Awe-Inspiring! Spiritually Riveting! Spellbinding!  

 Pebbles On the Path is a spellbinding autobiography told through the heart and soul of the author, who takes the reader on an unforgettable journey of love, loss, near-death experiences and an extraordinary 180-degree change of lifestyle. Spirit guide intervention catapults the author into a new world filled with gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and psychometry. She assists police, government and private persons nationwide in locating missing people and solving various other crime-related cases, such as Atlantas missing and murdered children and serial killer, Michael Ross. 



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More than anything else, Pebbles is an amazing story of one womans journey into the spirit world, with revealing and enlightening insights, which offers the reader immeasurable peace, comfort and understanding of the purpose of life and death. The factual material depicted in this book is sure to satisfy the curious, educate the spiritually seekingand renew faith in mankind.
Patricia Gagliardo is a practitioner of the psychic sciences with thirty years of experience. She is an accomplished author, lecturer, and has hosted her own television and radio talk shows. She is internationally  recognized as a police-accredited clairvoyant, and has made numerous television and radio appearances, astonishing her audiences with amazing accuracy. She currently lives in Norwich, Connecticut and continues her private counseling practice, lectures, and public appearances. In her spare time, you will find her at the BMX tracks, watching her grandson, Michaelthe light of her liferacing his bicycle.

Pebbles On the Path
A Mediums Journey Into the Spirit World
Patricia Gagliardo

ISBN#  0-595-12299-X   Price: $17.95   Trade: Paperback;   6 x 9  364 pages  available at:  powells.com, amazon.com,and barnes and noble.com



Pebbles On the Path is so spellbinding that you will want to read it from cover to cover in one sitting. At the same time, it is like an old friend that you will keep coming back to for the comfort that it brings. So many others, like me, are at a time in our lives where we are experiencing losses, questioning the meaning of our lives, or are simply searching for spiritual guidance and something to believe in. Pebbles On the Path is a book that will fill these needs.    ─ Susan Reardon 

Pebbles On the Path is a like a precious gem; one that you keep to cherish forever. Its not a book that you will read and then stick on a shelf; you will keep it close by and refer to it often. I had so many questions about death, suicide and suffering, but in reading this book I have been enlightened, comforted and spiritually uplifted  Cheryl Vocatura 

I watched in total disbelief and amazement as scratches appeared on the tops of Mrs. Gagliardos hands while she performed psychometry on the missing girls. I also saw the scratches disappear! The missing and murdered girls were found exactly as she described they would be, and with their hands bound in wire! Mrs. Gagliardo made an instant believer out of me and I have recommended her to other police agencies. Detective Tom Williams, Wheeling Police Department, Wheeling, WV

The story begins with emotional challenges in which the author faces the deaths of her father, brother and husband and her own life threatening illnesses. As the narrative continues she tells of a near death experience where she meets her spirit guide and begins to have visions pertaining to future events, and missing persons. 

In engrossing detail, Patricia tells how her gifts unfold and how careful planning and guidance from the spirit world enable her to assist police departments, government and federal agencies and private persons nationwide with their search for missing people, and criminalsincluding serial killer, Michael Ross and highlighting her involvement with Atlantas murdered children.

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