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About Patricia

 Who Am I?

I have probably asked myself that same question a thousand times over the past thirty years. *smile*. Who is Patricia Gagliardo? I can tell you this, I am a proud mother and grandmother, have a wonderful husband and have been told that I am a cherished friend and confidant.

When I reflect over the past thirty plus years of my life, which is quite often, it still amazes me how I evolved from the frightened, angry, insecure, lonely, unhappy and totally skeptical of everything young woman, to the well-respected, successful, secure and very happy woman I am today.

I have faced many painful and difficult challenges since the tender age of thirteen. My father, whom I loved more than life, died. His death left me with bitterness, anger and even hatred toward God and a total disbelief in His existence. Then, my beloved brother, Jim, who was my friend, my advisor and my strength, died a horrible death in a fire at the young age of twenty-seven. The loss of his love and his physical presence was more than I could bear.

I married very young, hoping to find love and comfort in my life, only to lose my husband of two and a half years to death also, compounding my skepticism, bitterness, and insecurities. I was alone again and now with a son. My life was becoming a myriad of physical and emotional pain. I married a second time, again looking for love and to be loved, and to have a father for my son. The second marriage of three years, wrought so much anguish and despair it nearly cost me my sanity. Another son was born. He was as beautiful as my first, but he was autistic. The marriage was under constant strain and inevitably ended in divorce. I was alone again and now was facing far greater challenges, both mentally and physically.

I married my present husband, of thirty-five plus years. Just when I was beginning to let my defenses down and finally feeling some comfort with my life; tragedy struck again. During the first four years of our marriage, I was in and out of the hospital. I had three surgeries, two of them, major. I had a tumor removed from my breast, and a complete hysterectomy (due to tumor growths) at age 29. I developed a serious blood clot condition in my leg that separated and traveled to the main artery near my heart, which almost cost me my life. I didn't know it then, but, this time the challenges would become rewards. A near-death experience that led to the introduction of Guardian Angels, (Spirit Guides) communication with the spirit world and enlightenments, truth about life after death, reincarnation and the purpose of life.

For the past thirty years I have been a practicing medium and intuitive consultant. I have gained the respect of law enforcement, federal and government agencies and private persons nationwide. My abilities have aided in locating missing persons and assisting with various criminal cases nationwide and as far away as Australia. I first received national acclaim, in 1980, when I worked with the States Attorneys Office, in New London, CT. and led officials to a location which recovered the body of a missing Coast Guard warrant officer, Richard Eastman. The story received nationwide media coverage via AP newswire and the National Enquirer. My involvement with the missing and murdered children of Atlanta, GA. (one of many) also received nationwide media coverage.

I have hosted my own television and radio talk shows. "Insight, WTWS 26, with coverage over five states, and The Pat Gagliardo radio show WSUB Groton and have been a featured guest on many national TV and Radio Shows.

For fifteen years I had lectured and been a presenter nationwide for private organizations, public arenas, charity events, colleges and universities, etc. I am the author of: "Pebbles On the Path: A Medium's Journey Into the Spirit World" and continue with my private practice of thirty plus years.

My hobbies include spending quality time with my family, cooking, playing the piano, listening to live jazz/blues, playing in the dirt with an atv, golf and playing billiards. I have a very full and enriched life, but only have one objective and that is to reach other skeptics and critics.

I wish to have them open up and broaden their views in the paranormal and spiritual arenas. I hope to strengthen the faith of all persons who are eager to listen and enlighten those, if I can, who ask.

Yours Sincerely,

Patricia Gagliardo

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