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Atlanta Child Murders


I will remember my involvement with this investigation and the deep sorrow and helplessness I felt, for the rest of my life. I had visited Atlanta, Georgia on three different occasions. I was invited by Councilman Arthur Langford, to offer my assistance through clairvoyance in helping to locate the missing children. My first visit was during a three hour lay-over from the Atlanta airport. At that time there were five children missing. My experiences left me emotionally very drained and physically ill. I had some previous meditations while still in CT. My first visions pertained to a statue of President Lincoln, a very large curved stone wall, a long dirt road and a wrought iron fence. I had relayed this information to a friend of mine in Georgia, she in turn, phoned Arthur Langford and he contacted me. We were able to determine that the area I had envisioned was a cemetery within the city limits of Atlanta...Lincoln Cemetery. When I arrived and we drove to the Lincoln Cemetery...I will never forget the intensity of my feelings as my eyes captured the huge curved stone wall, the long wrought iron fencing and the dirt road...It was exactly as I had envisioned. I was given a shirt belonging to one of the missing children, Jeffrey Mathis. Due to the graphic nature of my impressions and my empathy for his family and friends, I can not disclose the information that I perceived. Not far from the end of the dirt road, police uncovered a bloody jacket, a bloody sneaker and bone fragments. My second and third visits I believed that agents from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and also FBI agents were aware of the Redwine Area and were going to have surveillance at the Chattahoochee River next to the mill. I know that this investigation was under intense media scrutiny as well as much pressure from the residents of Atlanta, however, it is still very difficult for me to accept that it was months before any of the areas that I mentioned were checked and evidence found. I have totally turned to my faith in this regard and it has given me peace.

(photo top left- Advocate- photo bottom right- Norwich Bulletin)


Sally Jesse Raphael

These photo's were taken at a taping of the Sally Jesse Raphael show in New York City on January 19, 2000. I was a quest on the segment "Sally's On Your Side" with persons with sensitive and emotional issues seeking Sally's help. I was asked to use my clairvoyant abilities to help one of the quests locate a personal invaluable item. Televised 01/28/00. 
My presentation at Bridgewater University in  Bridgewater, Massachusetts--October 2012...Over two hundred students attended. They were receptive, respectful and amazed! A fantastic audience!

"Richard Eastman- Missing Coast Guard Warrant Officer"

Richard Eastman disappeared from New London, CT. in April of 1979. This was my first involvement with missing persons and working with law enforcement agencies. In September of 1979, while in a meditative state of mind, I began to perceive visions of a man in uniform, water, an eagle and a vehicle. After relaying some of my impressions to a girlfriend she began to search through some old newspaper articles and found the story of Mr. Eastman's disappearance. Mr. Eastman was a coastguard warrant officer and worked with special radar equipment. I made some telephone calls to the New London Police Dept. and found out that the State's Attorney's Office was then handling the investigation. I spoke with Detective Ed Pickett and was invited to the State's Attorney's Office. I was given a credit card belonging to the missing coastguard man and perceived more visions pertaining to his whereabouts. In these visions I saw the car again, a dock, two heavy equipment cranes, the man in uniform and an eagle. The State's Attorney's Office and the Coast Guard had been searching for him relentlessly for all these months to no avail. Due to the sensitive nature of his position with the Coast Guard they especially wanted to find him, his car and the equipment that he had in his possession. At the time of his disappearance there were two operating cranes at the City Pier in New London, next to it is a ferry dock, and when we arrived there at the dock, I knew that he and his car had met with an unfortunate accident. I later was told by Detective Pickett that Mr. Eastman was on board the Coast Guard Vessel...The Eagle...

(photo top left- Norwich Bulletin -photo right- National Enquirer- bottom left -channel 8 news)



"When a psychic walks into the Connecticut State's Attorney's office claiming to know where to find the body of a missing Coast Guard officer, detective Ed Pickett is skeptical. Detectives have been searching for months for his body with no luck. Could a psychic's visions lead investigators to the missing Coast Guard officer?" --Court TV Website

Court TV made the Richard Eastman story into an episode on their new show.. PSYCHIC DETECTIVES and it aired on Court TV in February 2004.

This is the show that was aired on Court T.V. ( please watch videos in order)



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