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World Renowned Police-Accredited Clairvoyant, Medium and Sensitive



 "Our police department has used Ms. Gagliardo very successfully, through her psychic abilities we were able to close previously unresolved cases. I am satisfied with the fact that she is a true psychic. I can personally vouch for her integrity, honesty and moral character and would and have referred her to other police agencies in the country."
-Lt. Lawrence Fawcett, Coventry Police Dept. CT

"Pat Gagliardo is regularly consulted in homicide cases when all other available leads have been exhausted. I am at a loss to explain the phenomenon she possesses, however, the information received is credible and a solving factor in several cases. This officer will always remain indebted to Ms. Gagliardo for her assistance."
-William C. Gavitt, Deputy Chief, New London Police Dept. CT


"I watched in total disbelief and amazement as scratches appeared on the tops of Mrs. Gagliardo's hands while she performed psychometry on the bracelet of one of the missing girls. I also saw the scratches disappear! The missing and murdered girls were found exactly as she described they would be, and with their hands bound in wire! Mrs. Gagliardo made an instant believer out of me and I have recommended her to other police agencies."
-Detective Tom Williams, Wheeling Police Dept. Wheeling, WV


"Many people view psychics as frauds or someone who makes absurd predictions, as evidenced by numerous tabloid magazines and phony 900 number associations, and while this may be true in many cases, there are those, such as Ms. Gagliardo who use their ability for the good of mankind. I was formally the news Director for one of Connecticut's largest radio news staffs and became familiar with Patricia Gagliardo's involvements and successes. She has gained the respect of law enforcement agencies around the country. Her efforts have been recognized in various national publications and broadcast news programs. I have personally changed my own opinion of the word "psychic" concerning Ms. Gagliardo."
-Dennis MacCarthy WICH News Norwich, CT


A copy of a letter I received after giving a lecture at Albertus Magnus College

Office of Student Life

Albertus Magnus College

New Haven, CT 06511


Dear Pat,

I just wanted to drop a short note to express my gratitude and appreciation for the spectacular program you gave at Albertus.

In the past several years we�ve had �psychic fairs� on campus and the students always enjoyed themselves, but leave feeling a little skeptical and unsure of what they�ve been told, until now!!

The student body really appreciated hearing about how you discovered your talents and how that discovery changed your life. The Aura exercise you had them participate in convinced the skeptics, satisfied the curious, and enticed the non-believers.

This program has been a highlight of the year for our student body. I had the opportunity to speak with the student who won the drawing for a private reading with you. She stopped by my office the following day and couldn�t stop talking about how accurate you were and how she was going to make some changes in her life to improve it.

She shared with me how comfortable you made her feel and how trusting she was of you. The program Board chair-woman has already said that she wants to do this program again next year. Again, thank you so much for a fantastic program and best wishes.


Shawn A. Anderson, Director

Office of Student Life

A copy of a letter from Mr. Frank Doldo, Dean of Students Hesser College, Manchester, NH

- formally Director of Student Life, Lyndon State College, Lyndonville, Vermont



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